First post!

Welcome, internet stranger, into my humble blog!

I hope I’ll be able to find the time to post at least once a month a new story or tutorial about Linux, FreeBSD, system administration or similar CS-related topics, which will, more often than not, involve a full report on something I’ve been tinkering on during my research activity (or, just because I liked it).
Everything I publish is written without any arrogance about it being in any way relevant, correct or even interesting; the only thing I hope for is for this blog to be at least in some way useful to myself, to avoid forgetting what I’ve learned, and which mistakes I have already committed.


From the very first moment I turned on a PC in the ’90s, I’ve been hooked with computers, and anything revolving around them. Exploring and better understanding how these machines work has been an immense source of entertainment and learning for me, leading to countless hours spent in trying every piece of software, gadget or device I was able to lay my hands onto.
I cannot state for certain how many times I found myself delving heart and soul into some convoluted install of fundamentally every Linux and BSD distribution I could find, sometimes even resorting into compiling some of them by scratch, just for the sake of better understanding how these complex yet fascinating software packages tied together into creating a fully-fledged and functional operating system.

Being passionate as I was (and still am) about software made the choice of enrolling in Computer Engineering extremely simple. During my university years, I had the time and opportunity to further improve my coding skills, especially focusing on striving to master C and C++, Go, and recently, Rust. I have a passion for compiler technology, and I’ve dabbled in programming language design for a while, implementing a functioning self-hosting compiler, which I hope will be the topic of a future, fully dedicated blog post.

What do you do?

After working for two years at the University of Bologna as both a researcher on distributed ledgers and as a system administrator, I decided to change my professional path and become an embedded developer. I now work as an embedded developer, mostly on the ESP32 platform.

My other hobbies are also languages (the ones spoken by people, at least for now!), cooking, writing, astronomy, biology, and science in general.

You wrote something wrong!

If you notice something is amiss with either my writing or the contents of the blog, do not esitate to contact me (in any way you prefer). I plan to add Disqus support directly on blog posts, but in the meantime don’t be shy to simply fork and PR me on Github, if you wish so.