About me

Welcome, blog visitors! I am Marco Cilloni, and I really love computers.

Even since many years before getting an MSc in Computer Engineering, I’ve always been hooked into learning how computers, and by extension the software that drives them, work.
Starting with a PC in the ’90s, I’ve tinkered, experimented and often toyed with CLIs, programming languages and operating systems, amassing a decent deal of knowledge about how UNIX-like systems such as GNU/Linux and FreeBSD work; this has led me to discover the fantastic world of coding, writing a few bits of software along the way in C, C++, Rust, Go, and several other languages.

This blog wants to be my notebook where to write results, ideas, and lessons learned during my tinkering projects, with the hope of it being an exercise for myself foremost, and maybe also an interesting read for any of the few people that may be passing along these pages.